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About Us

EC-Lifestyle is one of the leading laptop accessory stores, especially for laptop bag, accessory. We base in Malaysia and our focus is to bring you the very best laptop accessories from all around the world at a lowest price as possible, while at the same time give you a great customer experience. We will make your every purchase here with no regret and worthwhile! and there fore genuinely appreciate any comments.


Unlike other retailers (online or in the bricks and mortar world), we don't limit our product selection: because of our limitless shelf space (we use a colossal warehouse facility and also leverage the power of our suppliers’ storage), our stores offer an incredible level of choice. Each of our stores offers a simple shopping experience that makes it easy for customers to find what they are looking for. Since we are an online retailer, we keep our overheads low. This means we can offer you great value. Furthermore, our store managers are constantly searching for new, exciting products.


EC-Lifestyle is powered and running by DC Tech Resources which we are focus on E-Commerce business, web development, computer hardware and software supply, company system setup and maintenance.

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