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Mother-K Disposable Light Breast Pads Upgraded 32pcs

RM55.00 RM41.90

  • Convenient 2 in 1 packaging system
  • Upgraded absorbent and leakage prevention
  • Brassiere shape for natural fit
  • Natural skin color pads
  • Four anti-slip tapes

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Mother-K Disposable Light Breast Pads is a disposable lightweight nursing pads that are super absorbent with a large surface area. With convenient 2 in 1 packing system and a brassiere shape pad for a natural fit, support every mom for a happy infant care.

1) Convenient 2 in 1 packaging system: Each piece contains two pads with adhesive strips. No need to remove any liners.
2) Upgraded absorbent and leakage prevention: A large surface area and a layer of polymers block overflow and leakage rapidly absorbing large amount of breast milk.
3) Brassiere shape for natural fit: It is very comfortable to wear the pads which are shaped to fit into brassiere and to the curve of the breast.
4) Natural skin color pads: Can be worn even under thin underwear due to its natural skin color.
5) Four anti-slip tapes: It secure the pads in place without any movement or deformation.
6) Packaging: 32 pieces ( 2 x 16 each)

1) It may vary depending on the amount of breast milk, but it is recommended to replace the pads at each feeding time (every 4-5 hours).
2) Please have your nipple clean before using the pad.
3) Please refrain from wearing the pad for a long period of time. If usd for a long time or repeatedly, milk may leak out or the absorbent may ooze out.
4) The pad should be kept out of children’s reach and discarded right away after use in order to prevent children from accidents such as eating.
5) Please immediately discontinue using the product and consult your physician if your sensitive skin has a rash or itch.

How to Use:
1) Please unfold the film both sides holding the cutting line.
2) Please take out one pad at a time from the film.
3) Please have the straight side of the pad aligned with the upper part of your brassiere and fix it with adhesive tapes.


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