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Mother-K Miracle Maternity Pad 10pcs

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  • Padded cotton pad safe to use for wounds
  • Speedy power absorption without clumping 
  • Wide leakage prevention system 
  • Long secure adhesive tape 

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Less burden on wound with embossing cover and strong absorbency 
Size: 37.5cm x 15cm 
Material: Lining (nonwoven fabric)/absorbent layer (pulverized pulp, high absorber)/waterproof layer (polyethylene film, tape) 


What is the different about Mother-K Maternity Pad?
1)Padded cotton pad safe to use for wounds 
Smooth texture pad can be used with comfort without risk of irritation on wound.

2)Speedy power absorption without clumping 
Absorbs quickly without lumps and maintains slim thickness even after use with frontal absorption surface.

3)Wide leakage prevention system 
Relieved from leakage with a wide leak prevention system even when you roll around at night with waterproof on the surface prevents leakage.

4)Long secure adhesive tape 
From the front to the back, the long, secure, adhesive surface ensures that it does not slip even when you roll over.


Why do we need Maternity Pad?
Usually 3 yo 4 days after childbirth, the secretion of blood comes out called Lochia which maternity pads are used to receive. Generally, it is usually use it for 3-4 weeks, or 6 weeks




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